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Explore the Genius Within You

ACG Alumni Webinar

We invite you to a series of webinars presented by Pierce/Deree alumni and Pierce parents from a range of professional backgrounds. The series aims to provide essential learning & engagement opportunities around the pillars of life- long learning, personal growth, and well -being.

You can find information and how to register for our new webinar below. You can also find all info on past webinars on our Archive section.

If you are an Alumnus/a, you are encouraged to sign up on ACGConnect, our Alumni communication platform, and click on the events section to find all relevant information about our Alumni webinar series. In addition, you can reconnect and network with fellow alumni, keep up with important ACG news, view exclusive benefits programs, find job opportunities, participate in the mentoring program and more.

Maria Olon Tsaroucha (Pierce & Deree)

Artist, author, educator, researcher and originator of Perceptual Acting and Directing (PAD)

Explore the Genius Within You

The webinar is based on the Amazon best seller “Supraconscious, The Genius within you” and addresses all people who put their thoughts and feelings into conscious action. We will explore and discuss the infinite possibilities of our human nature that can be discovered through cultivating expanded awareness and the ways to achieve it.

28 May 2021 – 18.00

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